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NHS Class of '62

40th Reunion


*click here for information about our 50th Reunion, Oct 2012

Hello, Nevada, Missouri High School Class of '62

The purpose of this website is to bring the NHS Class of '62 back together by providing a means to update each other on the events of our lives over the last 40 years.  Our Classmates Today section brings an opportunity to renew old friendships and perhaps to discover new ones we might have missed in the haze of adolescence. 

In addition to the updates on who we have become and where we are, there is also be an opportunity to walk down Memory Lane. If you have pictures featuring members of the class of '62 (all the way back to childhood) you can scan them and email them to ncuster at mcn.org  and I will be sure they get posted there for all to see. (If you need help with this, you can mail your pictures to me and I will scan them then return them to you. Email me at the above address for more information.)  There are also places for you to share fond memories and now when you browse through the site, you will find opportunities to hear old familiar sounds--maybe even have a sing along.   (Good morning, this is Mr. Keithly in the office with the announcements for this morning. . .)

You can get started now by sending an email to biographies@nhs62.org with the story of the last 40 years of your life.  Tell us about yourself, your family, your pets, your hobbies, your accomplishments, and whatever else you'd like to share with old friends. A current picture of yourself would also be welcome and will help prevent those stressful moments at the Real Reunion when we can't remember each others names.   If you don't have a picture you like, click on our special Internet Camera to take your picture now.  However you choose to do it. . . 

Get in touch and stay in touch!


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Classmates Today


     Reunion 2000 Pictures

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A Walk Down Memory Lane

    1962 Nevamo
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In Memoriam

Who Did This Anyway?


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