NHS teachers who had a special influence in my life. 
Thank You, Nancy White Custer

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The principles I learned about the structure and use of the English language in Mrs. Barkell's seventh grade English class have served me well throughout my academic and professional life. I thank her.  I was pretty scared of her.  I still am.  (And I hope she will forgive me for any errors I have made in this website.)  

Mr. Gordon Rogers showed me that it could be cool to be intellectual.  He projected a contagious excitement about learning and interpreting literature and drama.  I still remember the project I did in his class about John Millington Synge's play "Riders to the Sea".  It was his influence that encourged me to take and enjoy literature and philosophy classes in college that, as a science major, I might have avoided.  He liked to diagram sentences too.


I've never had a traffic ticket or an accident. 
Thank you, Mr. Dehon


Mrs. Chapman projected an image of dignity and professionalism in the classroom that I tried to emulate when I became a teacher.  I don't think I ever reached her standard.  Unfortunately, I was not able to find a good quality picture of her.