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Dale and June LaDue Henson

Yee Gads!   Can you believe it, we’re getting’ old!   And, here we are looking and acting just like our folks!    You know what the best part is about it, all the trouble our kids gave us (of course much worse than what we gave our folks, ha! ha!) one of these days our kids will start looking and acting just like us…   

Seriously everyone, life is great.  I’m enjoying mine!    I married my friend, Dale Henson in September of 1961.  We lived in Kansas City the first 9 years of our life together.  Dale and I have 3 children, Jim (38), Suzie (34), and John (31) who are all grown, gone from the house, and gainfully employed.  What more could a parent ask for!

Jim lives out-of Springfield, MO.  I say out-of because he is always on the road.  He’s a ferrier (he shoes horses).  He’s not married, but we’re still hoping. 

Our daughter, Suzie and her husband live in Parsons, KS.    They don’t have any children together but Suzie’s husband has two lovely daughters, one 17 years old and still in high school and the other is 21 years old, married and has a really cute little girl.  So by marriage this make me a great-grandma! 

Then there’s John.  He’s married to a lovely hardworking girl, MaryAnn and they have 2 kids.  Our grandkids are Kyrsti who is 10 years old a 4th grader and Kyler who is 4 years old but he thinks he’s 17.  John works for Brown’s Saddle Shop and MaryAnn is a nurse at Moore-Few Nursing Center.  Since they live in Nevada this gives Dale and I chance to do some heavy-duty grandkid spoiling.  Love them grandkids! 

When Dale and I got married September 23, 1961 we made our home in Kansas City.  Dale worked for Roy Phillips Standard Service just east of the Plaza and I went to work for Blue Cross, Blue Shield as an accounting clerk.  Dale continued to work for Mr. Phillips even moving us to Overland Park, Kansas when Mr. Phillips built a new station there.  As for me, I tried my hand at a little bit of everything, from ‘babysitting’ to keypunching for the IRS and lots of other things in between.  After about 9 years we decided to move back to Nevada.  We wanted to raise our kids at a slower pace than that of the big city.  

In Nevada Dale first worked for the Volkswagen Dealership as mechanic.  Later we bought the Standard Service Station next to the Daily Mail (you remember, south off the square one block on Cedar Street.)  Then when Standard Oil started selling their stations he went to work at 3M.  

As for me I went to work for Farm & Home Savings December, 1969 in the Data Processing Department.  I was first a keypunch operator, then a verifier operator, then department secretary, then to Help Desk operator, then to Help Desk Manager, to Network Control Manager, to Assist. Vice President in charge of the Network/Help Desk Operations.  Then came the well-publicized Savings and Loan scandals.  Farm & Home reorganized moving 99% of their officer’s back at least 1 step and dropping 80% of their Assist. Vice Presidents.  Now back to Network/Help Desk Manager, I was there when F&H went private and still there later when F&H sold out to Roosevelt.   I was one of the many ‘non-retained’ employees and on September 30, 1994 there I was, Gone! 

On November 1, 1994 I went to work for the State of Missouri, Department of Mental Health at Southwest Missouri Mental Health Center on the old state hospital grounds as Data Processing Manager, and I’m still with them. 

Dale retired June of 2000 and loves retirement.   He is so busy; I don’t know when he had time to work before.  But let me tell you, he sure makes it hard to get up every morning and go to work knowing he’s probably going to have a lot more fun today than I am.    If things perk up in the stockmarket to where I can I plan to retire at the end of June 2001 (this year!)  With the stockmarket pulling a ‘flatliner’ in 2000 made our plans sort of ‘if-y’   But, we’re hoping! 

We have a new motorhome and lots of travel plans already made.  Our first big trip is to Alaska.  We want to take 2 to 3 months, get a chance to meet some real people, see some different sites, and enjoy ourselves. 

My life’s philosophy comes from my folks:    Take life one day at a time and make the best of it.  Work hard and always do your best.                   

Best Wishes Everyone!


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