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After high school graduation I attended Central Missouri State in Warrensburg and received a B.S. in nursing in l966.  Discovering that I liked working in health care but did not enjoy nursing as a life's work, I went back to school and earned a master's degree in social work at the University of Missouri in Columbia in l968.  I have spent my working life as a social worker with the Veterans
Administration.  I "retired" in l989 after my first husband had retired.  We enjoyed the next five years of "freedom" until he became ill and died from cancer in l995.  

In l996 I met Elmer Miller and life has been wonderful thereafter!  We married in l999 and  greatly enjoy living on a beautiful half-acre farm in eastern Nebraska where his grandparents homesteaded in the l880's.  We have remodeled and redecorated the original farm home and enjoy the company of two great cats!  We love to travel, garden, and read.  Elmer is busy with his company, Professional Growth Associates, through which he offers seminars in leadership development. At home I enjoy sewing, cooking and entertaining.

Elmer has provided me with a great extended familly including two adult children (daughter, son-in-law and son) and two sisters and brothers-in-law who live nearby. AND--we eagerly anticipate becoming first-time grandparents in May!

We really enjoy living in the country and are about a 30-minute drive from either Omaha or Lincoln. We have good neighbors; enjoy seeing lots of wildlife; and savor the peace and quiet.

You may view current pictures of Elmer and me taken by Nancy and Walt during Reunion 2000.  We look forward to seeing many classmates at our next reunion in 2002.

Best wishes to all!

Janice Miller 
77l0 286 Street
Murdock, NE 68407
(402) 867-2004
e-mail: ejmiller@inetnebr.com


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