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After graduation from NHS, I attended Southwest Mo State ( in Springfield) for a year... it was a less than outstanding experience as I think the word 'disaster' comes to mind.

Volunteered for the U.S. Army in 1964, spent the next two years in the Infantry, holding dirt down with the soles of my boots. Received an honorable discharge in 1966. . . even a headache has it good aspects--sure feels good when it stops.

In 1969 I made the best move of my life, I married Barbara Schnieder, of North Kansas City, Mo.

Then, in fairly rapid secession, AA degree fom JCCC, BA degree from Ottawa University, sons Eric, Aaron, daughter Sarah, son Evan, and as a surprise, son Alex.

I began my Federal career with the Federal Aviation administration, then the Treasury Department. We were transferred several times ( Kansas City, MO, Birmingham, AL, Austin, TX, Chicago, and finally back to Austin, TX.)

I retired from the Senior Executive Service in November 1999 and took a job with the State of Texas where I am still employed. We still live in Buda, TX, just on the edge of Austin.

Last year my daughter presented us with a grandson that is spoiled rotten by his grandma.

I'm still 6'4" but I have put on some insulation to protect me from these Texas winters......

Gordon Hickam
102 Phalarope Drive
Buda, TX 78610
Email: ghick@ergops.com