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The day after I graduated I returned to Billings, MT (where I was originally from).  Later that fall I joined the Navy and spent the next two years aboard a destroyer.  Upon  my discharge from the Navy I went to Washington D.C. to see an old girl friend for a few weeks but that turned into 5 years (I married the "old girl friend") and started work as a meat cutter for Safeway Stores.  

In 1971 I was  transferred back to Billings with Safeway as a meat manager.  In 2000 I retired after being in the meat business for 35 years,  I soon found out that retirement wasn't for me and took a part-time job which turned into full-time, so I am now employed once again.
Pat & I have been married for 36 years and have 2 children.  Jason (33) lives in California and is a finicial planner.  Our daughter Jodi (31) is a flight attendent for American Airlines and is based out of New York City.  We have a 6yr. old grandson, Nicholas in CA (he comes to MT every summer for 6 weeks).
We are hoping to move to AZ. this fall to be in the warmer climate.   
Am looking forward to seeing everyone at the class reunion.
Curt Seeman
806 Betsy Dr
Billings, MT  59105