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Sharon Ramsey Lamb

I left Nevada in 1965 moving to Fort Scott, Kansas where I lived for 2 years.  In 1968 I married  my husband David and we then moved back to Nevada for 3 years.  We then moved to Allendale, Mo. and bought his fathers trucking business and lived in Allendale for the next 9 years.  In the process we had three daughters Paula, Karen, and Evelyn.  They are all grown now and on their own. 

David liked Nevada and we moved back in 1979.  I began working in Allendale as an EMT due to a neighbors influence and when we returned to Nevada I began attending the Nevada Area Vo-Tech program for LPN.  When completing this program I started attending Fort Scott Community College and Wentworth Military Academy here in Nevada for preparation of going to Pittsburg State University for a BSN.  That graduation was in 1986 and my employment record includes working as charge of the Outpatient Surgery  and Assistant Director of Nursing.  We now live a much calmer and less stressful life.  My husband still works full time and I work on a Per Diem at a local Psychiatric Hospital for Adolescents. I enjoy the work and hope that in some small way I help some of these kids develop into contributing members of society.

 David and I like to travel and have been able to do a little through the years.  He is a truck driver and I have been in  some areas of the United States with him. We went on a cruise to the Bahamas two years ago and hope to go again next year.  This year we are going to travel to Oregon, taking the long way and see some of the  sites offered in that area of the US.

We live near Nevada and have two horses, two dogs, several cats, and have lots of bird feeders up to draw in red birds, blue birds, and finches.  We have two grandchildren Morgan 8 yrs. and Hunter 2 yrs.  They are a great delight to us and we enjoy them

Sharon Ramsey Lamb